Microtec MDC-C5F

Cost & Usage

MDC-5CF: Microtec MDC-5CF Colour Camera

Resolution: 5 Megapixel

Unit Price: from £1980

Principal Use: The MDC-5CF camera is recommended when extremely low light level images are being recorded.

Additional Features

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Product Description

The MDC-C5F camera is recommended when extremely low light level images are being recorded – for example in very low light level fluorescence work.

The camera has a 2/3 inch chip. To achieve the maximum sized rectangle in the visual field a camera adapter around 0,7x is recommended.

Measuring – The software to drive the camera includes facilities to measure length, area, angles, to count and to label. A calibrating stage micrometer is included with each camera.

The resolution of the camera required depends on the size and quality required of the images. The following table gives a guide to the maximum size of images that are recommended with this camera.

MDC-C5F Specification
Sensor Sony ICX282AQ
Sensor format Interline
Sensor Size 2/3 inch
Pixel size 3.4μm = 3.4μm
Resolution 2580 x 1944
G sensitivity 280mv
Fitting C-mount
Maximum Frames per second 2.5 fps at 2580 x 1944
10fps at 1280 x 932
Low speed read out Yes
ADC 12 bit
Peltier cooled To -30⁰C below
Power 3.5v
Exposure Control Automatic/Manual
Exposure Time 0.1ms to 60min
White Balance Automatic/Manual
PC Interface USB2.0
USB cable 2.5m
Dimensions 130mm x 111mm x 54mm
Weight 920g
Operational temperature 0 to 60°C
Humidity 10 to 85%
Storage temperature -20 to 70°C

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