LED Fibre Optic Illuminator – High Intensity

Cost & Usage

MFO-LED24: LED light source
Unit Price: £460
Principal Use: For use with all stereo microscope’s

Additional Features

Product Description

The Microtec high intensity light source with intensity control gives a maximum light output of 1000 lumens.

(Pictured with ring light MFO-230)

MFO-LED24 LED light source £ 460.00
MFO-210 Focusing Lens £ 36.00
MFO-211 Single arm, fully flexible 1m £ 165.00
MFO-220 Twin arm flex & stay guide £ 205.00
MFO221 Single arm flex & stay guide £ 175.00
MFO-230 Continuous ring light £ 360.00
MFO-231 Continuous ring light 40mm £ 360.00

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