How Microscopes Can Help Win The War On Cancer
Lung cancer cell division, SEM

Lung cancer cell

How Microscopes Can Help Win The War On Cancer

Whoever you are; whether you are a millionaire, or only own the clothes you are standing up in, then you are vulnerable to cancer. Cancer can affect every one of us, either directly or through someone we know and can cause utter devastation in our lives. As well as causing terrible sadness to people effected and cutting short millions of lives, cancer is also having a huge financial impact on individuals, families, the state and the medical industry. It has been a major goal for thousands of scientists and fundraisers to help get rid of this disease, in its many forms.

Over the years, scientists have made amazing steps towards finding cures for many different types of cancers, or even just helping sufferers become more comfortable in their last months, weeks or days.

As science develops we get closer and closer to curing this terrible disease for good. What do we need to cure cancer for good? Microscopes!

Microscopes are such an important tool for scientists to use in their research to get closer to finding a cure.

Cancer the top killer among under 75s in Great Britain, powerful microscopes can help scientists study how tissues behave in different scenarios. A new powerful microscope, the multiphoton microscope allows scientists to explore the workings of living tissue at a cellular and a molecular level like has never been studied before. This means that anti-cancer therapies will be able to be built based upon the body’s own resources, such as our immune system.

Our immune system is amazing, it is made up of many different special cells, proteins, tissues and organs and defends us against micro-organisms every day.  Problems with the immune system lead to illness and infection.

Using this microscope at The Centenary Institute, scientists could capture ground breaking imagery models to record how the body fights cancer and other dangerous diseases.  Treating cancer through immune responses is a revolutionary breakthrough in the fight against cancer, there are also studies where scientists take a patients T-cells (a type of white blood cell which controls immune responses, and reprogrammed the T-cell to target cancer cells. In theory, this means that the T-cells which are put inside the patient will keep replicating until the tumour is eliminated.

Breast cancer cell

Breast cancer cell

The results after clinical trials were incredible, and this is an amazing step in the right direction to halting cancer in its steps in our lifetimes! The treatment is not without side effects, and needs to go through much more testing to be considered safe to use as a go-to cancer treatment.

Without microscopes, however, none of these breakthroughs could have happened- for us to win the war on cancer we need to keep researching microscopes and develop further methods to allow us even greater insight into the way cells work. There is so much to discover when it comes to the human body, the cure is out there!