Stereo Microscopes

Stereo Microscopes

Meiji RZ Zoom Series - Minerals - Ceylon Sapphire Inclusions

Stereo Microscopes

Microtec HM-3 Zoom Series - Minerals - Agate

Stereo Microscopes

Microtec HM-2 Series (Dual Magnification) - Minerals - Weathered Glass

Stereo Microscopes

Meiji EMZ Zoom Series - Minerals - Gibeon Meteorite

Stereo Microscopes

Meiji BM Series - Minerals - Amethyst Surface

Stereo MicroscopesStereo microscopes are used to view objects and samples at low magnification. A typical microscope will have a magnification range of 7x to 45x although this can be increased dramatically by adding higher magnified eyepieces and auxillary lenses. There are two types of Stereo Microscopes, the Greenough Method and Common Main Objective.

The Greenough method uses two angled objective tubes resulting in a stereo effect. The CMO system uses a single objective that is shared with a set of parallel lenses. The main advantage of the CMO system is that is allows more light into the optical system and has better aberration correction.

Greenough microscopes are mainly used for everyday routine inspection applications such as printed circuit boards, insects, plants and mechanical parts. The CMO microscopes are used for more advanced applications, such as live biological samples where better resolution is required.

Stereo microscopes can also come with a large range of illumination options including ring lights, flex and stay light guides and Brightfield/Darkfied depending on the application.

Most Stereo Microscopes have an option that allows a camera to be fitted. This will allow a live image of the sample to be displayed on a large monitor or PC.