Meiji BM Series

Cost & Usage

Principle Use: For looking at various samples at low magnification
Style: Binocular
Price: from £425

Additional Features

  • Demonstration can be arranged upon request

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Product Description

Meiji Techno’s BM Series Long Arm Stereo Microscopes are high quality industrial and healthcare quality stereo microscopes mounted on a 255mm horizontal inclinable arm supported by a 300mm vertical post and heavy cast base. The integral illuminators on BM Models feature a three lens condenser system fitted into the binocular body and a 6 volt power supply inside the base. The paired interchangeable parfocal objectives are mounted on a dovetail slide and each unit is supplied with a plastic dust cover, grounded power cord and fitted Styrofoam packing.

BM Straight-Viewing Stereo Models BM-1 and BM-2

The BM straight viewing stereo microscope incorporates a focusing unit and is provided with a rear-mounting hole that enables it to be fitted to a suitable SPIGOT, such as the SWIVBM, an inclinable mount from the UHM series stand system.

The BM microscope includes a pair of interchangeable SWF10X super wide field eyepieces and two sets of slide-in objectives 1X and 2X, giving 10X and 20X magnification. A total magnification range of 5X to 70X is achievable with optional eyepieces and objective sets. The interpupillary distance is adjustable from 45mm to 80mm and the left-hand eyetube is focusable.

The BM head is most frequently used with the strip fluorescent lighting system for maximum evenness of illumination or with the FLEXISPOT where more directional intense illumination is required.

Overall, the BM microscope is suitable for high performance but low complexity OEM viewing systems where straight path viewing is required. It is also and ideal instrument for inspection and re-work systems for SMD applications.

Technical specifications

  • Upright stereoscopic images
  • High Quality optics with long working distance
  • Integral illuminator aligned with optical axis
  • Magnification range 2.5X to 70X with optional lenses
  • Interpupillary distance 51mm to 80mm
  • Paired interchangeable parfocal objectives with quick-change dovetail slide mount


Maximum working height : 330mm
Maximum working radius: 330mm
Base : 200 x 140 x 60mm
Weight : 8.6Kg ( 19.4 lbs)

BM Series Models

Model Objectives Eyepieces Magnifications Illuminator Type
BM-1 1X and 2X WF10X 10X and 20X Tungsten Vertical Incident 6V 1.2A
BM-2 1X, 2X and 3.5X 10X, 20X and 35X


BM Series Accessories
Part Number Description
Viewing Heads
MA101 Widefield eyepieces 5X (paired), FN: 22
MA102* Widefield eyepieces 10X (paired), FN: 20 with 25mm reticule mount
MA103 Widefield eyepieces 15X (paired), FN: 13 with 25mm reticule mount
MA104 Widefield eyepieces 20X (paired), FN: 11 with 25mm reticule mount

*MA102 is supplied with microscope as standard equipment.

BM Series Objectives
Part Number Description Field of View with WF10X Working Distance
MA113 Paired Objective 0.5X for BM Series 40mm 106mm
MA106 Paired Objective 1.0X for BM Series 20mm 170mm
MA107 Paired Objective 2.0X for BM Series 10mm 107mm
MA109 Paired Objective 3.5X for BM Series 7mm 70mm


BM Series Optical Data
Objective Magnification Eyepieces
WF5X (optional) WF10X WF15X (optional) WF20X (optional) Working Distance
1X (MA106) Magnification 5X 10X 15X 20X 170mm
Field of View 21mm 20mm 13mm 10mm
2X (MA107) Magnification 10X 20X 30X 40X 107mm
Field of View 10.5mm 10mm 6.5mm 5.0mm
3.5X (MA109) Magnification 17.5X 35X 52.5X 70X 70mm
Field of View 6mm 5.7mm 3.7mm 3.7mm
0.5X (MA113)(option) Magnification 2.5X 5X 7.5X 10X 106mm
Field of View 42mm 40mm 26mm 20mm

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