Meiji ML6520

Cost & Usage

Principle Use: Asbestos fiber counting applications. Phase Contrast.
Style: Binocular

Additional Features

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Product Description

Meiji Techno offers the ML6500 Series PCM (Phase Contrast Microscopes) for Asbestos fiber counting applications. Meiji Techno manufactures these microscopes pursuant to MDHS 39/04 Directive (NIOSH 7400 and OSHA ID 160 Reference methods).

Each model comes with centering telescope, 1mm stage micrometer, GIF 546nm filters and built-in Koehler illuminator as standard equipment. The specifications table below shows the features of each model.

Model Head Eyepieces Objectives Stage Condenser Illumination
ML6510 Monocular HWF12.5X Focusing eyepiece with G-22 reticle SM Plan DIN brightfield 10x and BF S.Plan Achromatic positive phase contrast objective 40XS NA: 0.65 Mechanical X-Y stage with attached finger assembly Achromatic condenser NA 1.25 with iris, filter tray and centerable 40X positive phase annulus in sliding mount GIF ( Green Interference Filter ) 546nm, 29.8mm Ø Koehler Illuminator 6V 30W halogen with intensity control.
ML6520 Binocular HWF12.5X + Focusing eyepiece with G-22 reticle
ML6530 Trinocular
ML6500 Series Components and Accessories
Part Number Description
Viewing Heads
MA602 Inclined binocular head
MA603 Inclined trinocular head
MA403 Inclined monocular head
MA489 DIN HWF 12.5X eyepiece, FN 15mm (each)
MA488W DIN focusing HWF 12.5X eyepiece with Walton & Beckett reticle
Eyepiece Micrometer
MA254 Walton & Beckett reticle, 19mm diameter, 3:1 aspect ratio
Brightfield Objectives
MA613 10X / 0.25 SM Semi Planachromat objective, WD: 6.23mm
MA614 20X / 0.40 SM Semi Planachromat objective, spring loaded, WD: 3.13mm
Phase Objective
MA698 BF S.Plan Achromat Phase objective 40XS / NA: 0.65
Phase Centering Telescope
MA458 Centering Telescope
Phase Condenser & GIF
MA461/10 Strain Free Achromatic condenser NA: 1.25 with iris diaphragm, filter tray and centerable 40X phase annulus in sliding mount
MA759 GIF (Green Interference Filter) 546nm, 29.8mm diameter
Stage Micrometer
MA285 Stage Micrometer, 1mm divided into 100 units (Each division = 0.01mm)
MA609/05 Wooden cabinet with lock and key for ML6500 series microscopes
MA326 Spare halogen bulb 6V 30W
MA327 Fuse 3A
MA712 Dust Cover for ML6500 series microscopes

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