Microtec HM-2 Series Dual Magnification

Cost & Usage

Principle Use: For looking at various samples at low magnification typically between 10X-40X.
Style: Binocular
Price: from £240

Additional Features

  • Demonstration can be arranged upon request

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Product Description

The Microtec HM-2 is an economically priced stereo microscope. The objective turret contains two pairs of objectives and the magnification is changed by rotating the turret.

There are three versions available with 1x/2x, 1x/3x and 2x/4x objectives. These microscopes provide the following magnifications and fields with the wide-field 10x eyepieces.

15x and 20x eyepieces are also available as an optional extra.

Turret Objectives Total Magnification Field of View With 10x eyepieces Working Distance
1x / 2x 10x & 20x 20mm & 10mm 100mm
1x / 3x 10x & 30x 20mm & 6.7mm
2x / 4x 20x & 40x 10mm & 5mm

Stereo Body

Product: Description: Price:
HM-2A Stereo microscope 10x/20x includes 10x eyepieces £ 240.00
HM-2B Stereo microscope 10x/30x includes 10x eyepieces £ 240.00
HM-2C Stereo microscope 20x/40x includes 10x eyepieces £ 240.00

This microscope is sold as a modular system.



Product: Description: Price:
HM-310FG Focusing 10x eyepiece with scale graticule £ 60.00
HM-315E Pair of 15x/15 eyepieces £ 75.00
HM-320E Pair of 20x/10 eyepieces £ 75.00


Product: Description: Price:
HM-3L1 Long arm stand (requires focusing unit HM-3F OR HM-3FF) £ 240.00
HM-3L2 Long arm stand (requires focusing unit HM-3F OR HM-3FF) £ 290.00
HM-3L4N LED illuminated stand for reflected and transmitted light includes focusing unit £ 220.00
HM-3P Plain stand including focusing unit £ 90.00
HM-3P220-LED Plain stand complete with incident dual arm LED lighting £ 300.00

Focus Blocks

Product: Description: Price:
HM-3F Focusing unit £ 60.00
HM-3FF Course and fine focusing unit £ 115.00


Product: Description: Price:
HM-3RL Ring – required for fitting ring light when no auxiliary objective fitted £ 15.00

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