Microtec LM-3 FL LED

Cost & Usage

Principle Use: Research quality biological microscope.
Style: Trinocular
Price: from £1295.00

Additional Features

  • Demonstration can be arranged upon request

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Product Description

The Microtec LM-3-FLUO advanced biological LED Fluorescence microscope has the following features.High aperture Fluo objectives providing increased transmission (also at shorter wavelengths) and standard Planachromats are available.

LED Fluorescence units, avoid the expense and safety issues with high pressure mercury lamp, which have conventionally been used for illuminating in fluorescence microscopy.

The LM-3 is designed for maximum comfort when using for long periods. The ergonomic design ensures that the focusing controls and mechanical stage control are readily to hand.

Microscope with Planachromat Objectives

Product: Description: Price:
  • Binocular microscope with coarse & fine focusing and photo tube 50%/50% split
  • Pair of wide-field 10x/FN22 eyepieces
  • Quintuple nosepiece
  • Planachromat 4x/0.10
  • Planachromat 10x/0.25
  • Planachromat 20x/0.40
  • Planachromat 40x/0.65
  • Planachromat 100x/1.25 Oil
  • Focusing NA 1.25 condenser
  • Built-in regulating Kohler 6v 30w Halogen illumination
£ 1,295.00

Microscope with Fluo Objectives

Product: Description: Price:
LM-3FLUO As LM-3TR except with the following objectives:

  • Fluo objective 4x/0.13
  • Fluo objective 10x/0.30
  • Fluo objective 40x/0.75
£ 3,700.00


LED Fluorescence Illuminators

(Including exciter, reflector dichroic and barrier filters) 
See separate data sheet to select appropriate LED fluorescence unit

Product: Description: Price:
LM-3LED1 LED Fluorescence module – 365nm £ 1,985.00
LM-3LED2 LED Fluorescence module – 450nm £ 2,050.00
LM-3LED3 LED Fluorescence module – 470nm £ 1,755.00
LM-3LED4 LED Fluorescence module – 560nm £ 1,755.00

Extra Planachromat Objectives

Product: Description: Price:
LM-2050 Planachromat 50x/0.90 oil £ 375.00
LM-2060 Planachromat 60x/0.85 £ 185.00

Extra Fluo Fluorescence Objectives

Product: Description: Price:
LM-30100FL Fluo objective 100x/1.30 oil £ 1,430.00
LM-3020FL Fluo objective 20x/0.50 £ POA

Phase Contrast

Product: Description: Price:
LM-2PHT Centering phase telescope £ 70.00
  • Planachromat 20x/0.40 Phase
  • Planachromat 100x/1.25 Oil Phase
  • Phase slider for 20x & 100x
£ 575.00
  • Planachromat 10x/0.25 Phase
  • Planachromat 40x/0.65 Phase
  • Phase slider for 10x & 40x
£ 465.00
LM-3PHset Phase contrast kit for LM-3, includes phase telescope, zernike condenser, 10x, 20x, 40x & 100x phase objectives and green filter £ POA


Product: Description: Price:
LM-3E10FG Widefield focusing eyepiece 10x/FN 22

With scale graticule 10:100

£ 80.00
PM-STG Calibrating stage micrometer 1mm in 100 parts £ 30.00

Camera Adapters

Product: Description: Price:
LM-TV1 C-mount adapter 1x £ 40.00
LM-TV2 C-mount adapter 0.5x £ 95.00
LM-TV3 C-mount adapter 0.3x £ 95.00

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