Microtec PM-3

Cost & Usage

Principle Use: It is an ideal microscope for use in schools
Style: Binocular
Price: from £525

Additional Features

  • Demonstration can be arranged upon request

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Product Description

The PM-3 Microscope has the following features:

  • A binocular head with WF 10 eyepieces
  • Built-in drop control mechanical stage
  • Built in regulating 6v 20w halogen illuminationv
  • Focusing Abbe condenser with iris
  • Coaxial course and fine focusing
  • S-Plan objectives 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x oil

The PM-s can also be supplied with a Trinocular viewing tube to enable a camera attachment to be fitted.

The following accessories are also available:

  • S-Plan objective 20x
  • Achromat objective 60x
  • S-Plan objective 60x
  • Focusing 10x eyepiece with scale graticule 10:100
  • •Stage micrometer 1mm in 100 Parts

In addition, 2 C-mount connectors (0.5x and 0.3x) are available for the PM-3 Trinocular Head.

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