Microtec PM-5 POL

Cost & Usage

Principle Use: Routine polarising microscope
Style: Binocular
Price: £1295

Additional Features

  • Demonstration can be arranged upon request

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Product Description

The MICROTEC PM-5 POL is a routine polarising microscope with transmitted illumination. It is also idea for teaching applications.


Binocular polarising microscope with
Wide filed 10x/18 eyepiece
Widefield 10x/18 eyepiece with cross-line
Strain free infinity objectives:
Planachromat 4x/0.10
Planachromat 10x/0.25
Planachromat 20x/0.40
Planachromat 40x/0.65
30º inclined Seidentopf viewing head
Quadruple centering nosepiece
Analyser 0 – 90º
Bertrand lens
First order red & ¼ λ compensator
Quartz wedge – 4 orders
Rotating stage 360º, Division 1º, Vernier division 6’ – lockable
Strain free Abbe condenser NA 1.25
Built-in LED illumination with field iris
Daylight blue filter


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